Department of Sociology


    The Department of Sociology was established in 1968. M.A. in Sociology were started in the department from Academic year 2019-20. The numbers of students have obtained gradute degrees from the department, and they are placed in different organizations, universities and government in India. In the fifty four years journey of the department, Dr.Vasant Yeshwant Vaidya , Prof. K.N.Kulkarni, lead the sound academic foundation of the department and contributed to its academic achievements.


  • 1. To equip the students with the latest sociological knowledge, research aptitude and skills.
  • 2. To enrich student understands of the dynamics of Indian Society and the global social order.
  • 3. To strengthen sociological research pertaining to the issues in the region in particular and nation in general.
  • 4. To strengthen research in the thrust area of the Department namely Sociology of Development and Environment.
  • 5. To encourage the students for various competitive examination i.e. SET/NET/MPSC/UPSC etc.
  • 6. To organize seminars,conference,workshop, disseminate advanced knowledge among students.
  • 7. To undertake extension activities and establish linkage with local communities.


  • There is a separate section of Department
  • There are plenty of books on the subject in the library


Courses Offered::