Department of Physics


    Fundamental aim of physics department is to improve interest and knowledge about physics among the students. After higher school education many students avoid physics subject due to unclear concepts in the physics. Department staff always clears the misunderstanding about the physics and science which results in increased student strength from last few years. In this academic year 2021-22, 107 students opted physics as one of the optional subject. The faculties Dr.R.M.Dharmkare & Dr.S.D.Chavan both are Ph.D. in physics with Astrophysics and Dielectric Physics.


    In 1968 our institute established the department of physics under the guidance of Mr.B.M.Siraskar. Mr.I.S.Khamare & Mr.P.M.Koulwar associated Prof.B.M.Sirsakar during this tenure. Mr.Khamare left institute in 1974 and Mr.Siraskar in 1976. Then Mr.N.V.Chavan joined this institute. Department has introduced electronics subject in1987 and then after few years separate electronics department was established. Mr.N.V.Chavan joined in SRTM University and Mr.P.M.Koulwar was retired from this institute in 2007. Dr.R.M.Dharmkare is now head of the department and Dr.S.D.Chavan joined department in 2010.


  • To develop interest in Physics subject, among the students.
  • To improve knowledge about physics theoretically as wel as practically.
  • To prepare the students for post graduation in physics and related subject.
  • To inspire the students to make their carrier in physics subject.

Co-curriculam Activity::

  • Poster presentation
  • Seminars


  • Theory/practical lab work notes with hard/soft copy
  • Wel-equipped laboratory with dark room
  • ICT facility
  • Video lecture on Youtub


Courses Offered::

  1. UG- B.Sc. F.Y., S.Y.,T.Y.